In order to provide quality medicines, we exclusively work with certified partners who comply with international manufacturing and distribution standards.


The close collaboration with our prescribers linked to the special attention we give them allows our R & D department to implement a range of medicines that best aligns with country-specific pathologies.

Opening on the world

The knowledge of our markets, particularly in Africa and Central Asia, made us realize that in some remote areas the access to medication is a major problem for the local population. To counter this issue, CROSS PHARM has organized tours to isolated and secluded regions in order to visit health centers and thereby enable people to have easier and better access to care.

Accessibility to health care

Our priority is to provide an easy access to care for each patient. We commit ourselves to produce medicines in accordance with the European standards and always remain focused towards the patient's needs and interests.


Our Pharmacovigilance department is constantly responsive to healthcare professionals and patients in order to ensure the safety of our products.